Where am I?

Welcome to my site!

My name is Matthew, and I love learning almost as much as I love writing about my findings.

My range of interests is so broad that I find it difficult to settle on a single niche. Rather than split my writing across multiple websites, I opted to create one hub for all my interests. You’re looking at the result.

With that preface out of the way, here’s a page directory to help you get started:

On frequent occasion I’ll start writing about something only to have it completely capture my interest, leading to days or weeks spent diving down the rabbit hole on the subject through books, websites, and educational courses. At the end of these learning marathons, I always find myself contemplating how much time would have been saved if I’d had a comprehensive resource from the start that:

  • Laid out the most efficient path to follow
  • Detailed which resources would be the most helpful (As well as which to avoid)
  • Made the process as wallet-friendly as possible

That’s what this section is for. If I think something is worth learning about and am familiar with the subject, I’ll summarize my learning process in topic-specific, in-depth articles and post them here for others to peruse, hopefully saving them significant time in the process.

Also posted here will be comparison/review pieces related to either my fields of expertise, or whatever I happen to be in the process of learning about on a given week.

Here are some ideas of what to expect:

Here you’ll find regular in-depth discussion of whatever I feel most impassioned about on a given day. Movies, games, general rants, or just interesting things I happened upon and want to share.

Here are the latest posts:

I offer freelance ghostwriting services, primarily for educational articles related to technology (Although I have no set niche when it comes to my work). If you happen to like what you see on my site and want to put my writing skills to work for you, get in touch with me here.