Snapshot #1: 13/11/2019

Shapshot #1: November 13th, 2019

Today, I launched my first website.

Hot damn was this nerve-wracking. I’m a complete amateur to WordPress and website management on the whole. For the past two weeks I’ve been figuring out Webhosting, Domains/Sub-domains, DNS management, FTP clients, Database syncing, and so on and so on… The experience has been equal parts painful and educational.

​Just yesterday, I thought I finally had my site figured out—sank a whole day into theming and organizing the content and menus, excited to enter today only needing to concern myself with writing content—only to wind up bricking my database by misusing an SQL command and being forced to start over entirely from scratch. In this case, thankfully, it turned out for the better as I was able to use what I learned from the previous days of trial and error to get things up and running again faster than before.

Still, didn’t prevent the absolute funk that spoiled my whole morning when I first realized what had happened.

In any event, here I am, and—with luck—here you are, reading this. I don’t intend to market this site to any significant degree till I have a decent amount of formal content to help its rankings. Till then, the search crawlers are being told to take a hike (Add SEO and SEM to the list of things that I learned since starting this journey).

As I embark on this newest chapter in my life, however, I felt the need to pick up a new habit for the sake of record-keeping: Every time I make significant progress in one way or another, I’ll make a post like this to detail it. I’m calling them “Snapshots”, and honestly look forward to a moment in the indeterminate future where I can stop, turn around, and view my progress from where I am today with pride.

My whole life, I’ve had trouble focusing on one thing at a time, resulting in an almost unmanageable range of interests.

I figure it’s about time I turn that bug into a feature.

The Master Plan

  • Create website

    The single biggest recurring requirement I've seen for finding success as a freelancer has been having a portfolio. Fair enough, as how else can an employer be expected to vet someone? This site will serve numerous purposes for me, that being just one of the primary functions.

  • Produce Content

    Goal: Produce enough content for each section that my site finally looks "complete" when viewed from any angle. From here, I can stop nitpicking and just talk about what I want. From there, growth should come naturally.

  • Write

    Write, write, and write some more. Write until both my site and I have a reputation. Write until I can sustain myself purely through my writing... And then keep going.

  • Success

    Whatever this entails, I'll know I've reached when I find myself sitting down and not frantically planning for the future for once in my adult life. No idea when that'll be, but I certainly won't get there by dreaming about it.